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Recent history and professional skills

I spent seven years as an independent contractor helping various organizations reach their goals with effective technology and communications. Working with companies large and small has helped me develop a diverse skill set in graphic design, application development, marketing, writing, and advertising. I bring an integrated understanding of user experience, software architecture, business technology, content, operations, and promotions.

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Front End Developer - BitCine Technologies

Building modular, reactive Javascript components for proprietary applications.

Developing new user-facing features; Building reusable, testable code and libraries for future use; Optimizing applications for maximum speed and scalability; Offering production support, including assistance and troubleshooting; Working with external vendors and APIs that integrate with current applications.


Cofounder and Tech Lead - Spacefil

Developed a prototype for an early-stage startup with two other founders. Produced design assets, implemented operations workflows, marketing automations, analytics and reporting tools. Developed channels for lead generation and established the core message and tone for the brand.

Worked closely with MaRS in Toronto to refine the model, pitch, and deck in preparation for talks with investors and incubators (including Y Combinator, TechStars, Brandery, and others).

Since 2012

Independent Consultant

Working with small and medium-sized enterprises on projects in web application development, process automation, graphic design, content marketing, online advertising, sales strategies, and social media engagement. Focusing on web technologies and software development to drive sales and user experience.

You can take a look at some of these projects.


Public Relations and Marketing - Several internships and entry-level roles




Cognitive Science, BA
- University of Toronto

Combining the fields of psychology, linguistics, computer science, philosophy and Buddhism to study intelligence in animals and machines. Double minor in English and Psychology. Focusing primarily on the application of language in motivation, learning and memory.


Web Design and Development, Certificate *
- Humber College

Completed two courses in the program before discovering the abundance of independent learning resources online. The program was certainly a catalyst and an inspiration, but online content provides a significant advantage for learning programming over conventional means.


Public Relations, Advanced Diploma
- Humber College

Developed strong writing skills and understanding of the dynamics in different media landscapes. Instilled a sensitivity to politics at various levels of business and government.


Since 2011

Javascript Programming
- Pluralsight, Egghead, codecademy, and Google

Since 2007

Graphic Design
- Tuts+, Lynda, CtrlPaint, and Google


Web Programming

Client 0.97
HTML (Pug, Handlebars, Liquid) 0.99
CSS (Sass, Stylus, Postcss) 0.95
ES7/8 (React, Vue, Angular) 0.98
Server 0.89
NodeJS, PHP, Python 0.92
APIs (Express, Laravel, Django) 0.88
Database (MongoDB, ReQL, SQL) 0.86
Build Tools 0.88
Packaging (git, npm, yarn, jspm, bower) 0.92
Automation (Gulp, Grunt, Docker) 0.89
Bundlers (Webpack, Browserify) 0.85
Testing 0.83
Client (Jasmine, Karma) 0.86
Server (Mocha, Chai) 0.92
E2E (Protractor, Nightwatch) 0.72
Infrastructure 0.74
AWS (EC2, S3, DynamoDB) 0.78
Google (App & Container Engines) 0.72
Other (Heroku, Bluemix) 0.72

Graphic Design

Photoshop 0.81
Component Mockups 0.9
Photo Manipulation & Digital Painting 0.68
Illustrator 0.76
Icons & Infographs 0.85
Vector Illustrations 0.64
After Effects 0.68
Motion Graphics 0.62
Tracking & Stabilization 0.72
Premiere Pro 0.71
Editing & Production 0.72
Color Grading & Audio Mixing 0.68


Written 0.9
Technical & SEO Content 0.83
Promotional & Sales 0.93
Presentation 0.85
Design & Content 0.88
Delivery & Training 0.83
Visual 0.83
Graphic Design 0.85
Photo & Video Editing 0.81



Computation Creative
Laptop Dell XPS 13 - Linux Wacom Tablet
Desktop PC - Dual Win+Linux Canon 70D
Raspberry Pi 2 + 3 GoPro Hero 4


One or more of these programs is open on my laptop or desktop right now.

Development (Linux) Design (Windows)
Atom Photoshop
ohmyzsh Illustrator
Chrome Lightroom
GitKraken Premiere Pro
Postman After Effects
Docker Blender


Online services I rely on for some of my day-to-day and project-specific tasks.

Productivity Management Cloud APIs
G Suite Slack Amazon AWS Webtask
GitHub Trello Google Cloud Mailgun/SparkPost
Toggle Asana Firebase Google Analytics
Zapier Invision Cloudflare Dark Sky


There is a good chance that I currently have a tab open from one of these sources.

Industry News Newsletters Design Fun
Hacker News Inside Dribbble Reddit
Smashing Mag Quora Behance Medium
Product Hunt Seth Godin Pinterest Sumbleupon
Codrops Brain Pickings    
Lobsters Wait But Why    

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