Versatile Jekyll Theme for GitHub Pages

A friend recently ask me if he could see my GitHub Pages setup. I quickly realized that it’s in a private repo for no good reason. So in the spirit of the season, I’m open sourcing the code:

It’s built with Jekyll using only plugins that are supported by GitHub Pages. It uses low-level styling with Basscss and minimal markup necessary. It offers complete hacking freedom, plus:

GitHub Pages Benefits Template Features
Serverless framework Post categories and tags
Free hosting Project pages
No security updates Sitemap
Never a crashed server RSS feed
No need for dynamic content Handy includes snippets
Highly available through GitHub Minimal markup
Easy to customize Minimal styling

Feel free to clone or fork the source code to use it in your own project.
(Refer to the README for instructions and help setting up.)

You can also read more about this site’s inception in my first post.

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