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Complete website redesign, including a content overhaul, interactive service quote and checkout. In the first year:

Client Side

The site features an interactive quote page, where users can receive service estimates and verify their eligibility based on location. On registration, users submit contact information and declare their agreement to terms. Payment is processed with PayPal and upon confirmation an email is forwarded to the new client and the office staff.

Quote page provides a multi-step form with thorough validation.
Registration collects info and agreement - processes payment with PayPal.

The interactive birds-eye illustration (implemented on the quote page) can produce a preview for every possible service combination.

A single illustration provides context and clarification
More than 70 individual images react to user selections

The updates page provides essential service and weather information; as well as an option to subscribe to all future updates by email.

Updates page provides historical service updates and weather information

Admin interface

Simple administrative interface created for routing hundreds of locations, generating Excel route sheets for drivers, XML-formatted Garmin files, and synchronizing with GPS fleet tracking tools.

Fleet routing view - enables organizing individual routes and POIs
Updates view - allows CRUD operations

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