Retail startup - business development, infrastructure, design & web



Developed a full stack MVP for an early-stage startup. Produced promotional materials, implemented operational workflows, marketing automations, analytics and reporting tools. Developed channels for lead generation and established the core message and tone for the brand.

Signed up over 500 users within 2 months and closed 20 transactions. Continued to grow at a rate of 50% in the following months.

Worked closely with MaRS in Toronto to refine the model, pitch, and deck in preparation for talks with investors and incubators (including Y Combinator, TechStars, Brandery, and others).

Additional pages:

Development page describes the tech stack and service integrations.

Design page contains branding and other creative materials.

Manifesto is an attempt to elucidate the organization’s views and intentions.


Implemented most essential services for communication, collaboration, and project management:


Ultimately, we couldn’t raise funding without a more substantial track record; and we failed to convince incubators that the model could efficiently scale. But considering the results we produced in just two short months, as well as the world of opportunities we discovered during that time, I am entirely content with this experience.