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Design and promotion

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When i joined, the company had some existing artwork, including an icon and a logo but they were both raster files (no vectors) and had some glaring inconsistencies.

Note the spacing around the edges & curves on tips
Inconsistent spacing between letters & sloppy box

The icon and logo were used interchangeably and sometimes together, but neither was related or similar to the other – so we had to bring the brand in line.

We decided to keep the left logo with a bolder and tighter type.

Custom Icons

With retail being such a visual industry, it seemed fitting to have an icon set available for various components in the web app, marketing, social, etc.

Street illustration in the style of the icons.



Collected more than 100 royalty-free videos related to shopping, retail, cities and people – from sources including Mazwai, Pexels, Vimeo Free HD Stock, Coverr, Cute Stock Video, Videezy, Videvo, Fancy Footage Club, Pond 5 ( Free Collection ), Vidsplay, Beachfront B-Roll.

Used in background videos for the website and to create the following promo:

Promo Video

Targeting small brands and ecommerce stores.

In attempts to capture the attention of a large target group, this video is meant to be short and upbeat. The final cut contains clips from ~30 stock videos. The messaging is bold and vague so as to arouse curiosity and interest.

Postcard concept

A set of printed postcards designed to target small retailers and store owners.

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